China have become the largest tire production bases in the world and there are more than two hundreds of tire factories with different scale and quanlity level in China. It is really a big question to find a proper tire for many customers who are doing tire business from oversea. Now it isn't a question anymore from TYREFULL.


As the high performance all-steel truck tire manufacturer in China, TYREFULL is so professional that can help customers choose the right tire brand from there hundreds of different factories, to save time, energy, money and advoid risk. We are your best partner in China.

We are your best partner in China

 1. Quality warranty

All tires you buy from us have 3-year quality warranty. If any quality problem might happens, we promise you solving this problem within five working days after getting the defective tire pictures and production series number.

We only use the best raw materials to produce tires, like carbon black from Cabot Co, Steel fibers from Bekaert, Compound rubber STR20 from Thailand.

 Carbon black from CABOT

    Carbon black from CABOT                                           Steel fibers from BEKAERT                              STR20 from Thailand


2. Competitive price

After years experience, we are sure we have the best budget offerings for every customer. We pride ourselves on helping you save money but at the same time try to offer only the best value for money. Please remember that cheapest is not always best but in many cases with us it can be.

We get a lot of positive feedback from end users in the pass years. Our customers have a simple idea that our tires can save at least 50% money from our tires compared with other brands. 



3. Timely delivery

There are two big warehouses in Qingdao port and Shanghai port which can enable us to meet timely delivery. We also stock some of popular sizes tires to satisfy with urgent order, like Gianori tire D902, G838, G836, A8, A9.



4. OEM brand and sole agent project

If you have a regular demand of tire every month, you are free to discuss with us about OEM brand and sole agent project. We help more than 30 loyal customers to become the sole agent in local market, to protect customer's long-term benefits.

When you become our strategic partner in the local market, we will visit the working site and check the performance of tires. We do believe that one pattern can't fit for all road condition and always use different compound to meet different demand based on actual working condition. In addition, we have more support to our partners, like tire knowledge training, the instruction of marketing activity and so on.



5. Promotion advertisement and materials

We try to help our customers to expand the local market by giving more promotion advertisement and materials. These materials include T-shirt, Pen, Cap, Sunglasses and so on.



We are more than a tire supplier in China. You can get not only tires, but also more add-value service. We are growing together!



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