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Gianroi tire raise prices on Jan. 1st, 2018

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Date: Dec 20th  2017   Copy editor: Tyrefull

On December 20, 2017, Tyrefull Rubber Industry Co, Ltd announced price adjustment information, including Gianroi, Joyall and Joyus brands. Gianroi tire are the latest two big-szie tire manufacturers in China to announce price hikes. You can get more products value from Chinese quality tyre manufactuers-Gianroi tire.

Beginning Jua. 1st, 2018, Tyrefull will adjust prices by up to 3 percent across all product lines for the Gianroi, Joyall and Joyus brands.

These price changes are reflective of market conditions and increased transportation costs, Tyrefull said. With price of carbon black, steel cord, rubber keeping rising, the Tyrefull company faced cost pressure. 

"We only use the top raw materials from the global market to produce quality tyres. Now it is time to raise tyre price when raw materials rising quickly in pass months." the sales director of David adds.

Chinese quality tire manufacturers-Gainroi tire

Recently, lots of large-size tire manufactures have been adjusted price strategy. For example, Linglong Tire reduce 3% of sales promotion from Dec 15. At the same time, Aeolus tire, Goodyear tire, Bridagestone tire lifted 3%-5% in Chinese market.

Now Gianroi's produceion line is extremely busy before price rising. If you need our tires, please confirm the orders without any delay.

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