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Gianroi Tire Introduces A878 pattern to Australian Market

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Date: Feb 15th  2018   Copy editor: Tyrefull

Gianroi Tire& Joyall Tire has introduced the Joyall A878 pattern to Australia with free three-years quality warranty policy.

We are committing to provifing quality tyre to our customers based on the actual working condition." Gianroi tire salesman told the partner from Australia. After six-month testing, the partner get a lot of positive feedback from end users in Australia. " We are excited to bring Joyall brand tire to Australia muarket and are confident it will be a popular and profitable tires for our dealers." The local partner tells Gianroi international sales team. The first pattern which introduce to the local market is A878 pattern.

A878 pattern feature:

 Block pattern design
 Solid shoulder design
 Four wide circumferencial grooves

The end users compare more than 6 six brands including top brand tires and get a feedback from all brand tires. Now the result shows that Joyall brand tires have lowest using cost among all tires.

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