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Two tire projects to start up in Qingdao

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Shandong NDRC released its first batch of 2018 important investment on Sept.7. There were 32 project, with 136.2 billion yuan of a total investment, in the list.

Amongst, there were 3.5 billion yuan invested into two tire projects, and under planning.

Those two projects were wasted rubber recycling project and special rubber tire development and industrialization project, which would be constructed by Double Star Tire Group. 

After completion, waste rubber recycling project could proceed 160,000 tons of carbon black, steel cord etc. to produce 40,000 tons of reclaimed rubber every year.

Special rubber tire aimed to develop a new retread, anti-puncture radial aviation tire technology and started up a high-performance aviation product line.

After completion, the project could produce 50,000 units of aviation tires every year, and 100,000 units of army-used vehicle tires per year.

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