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Xingyuan Group Strengthened OTR Technical Cooperation with Yokohama

Time:2019-06-09     Author:Joyalltire【Reserved】

From March 24 to 31, the economic and trade delegation organized by Dongying Municipal Government went to Tokyo, Japan to carry out a series of activities such as investment promotion and business negotiation. Xingyuan Tire Group and Yokohama reached a new cooperation agreement. Both parties will carry out deeper cooperation in the OTR technology field to achieve a strong alliance in this subdivision.

This company indicated that Xingyuan Group and Yokohama started cooperation as early as 2012, and they have maintained a good partnership till now. The two companies jointly develop in the field of large engineering tires, and the research and development results include more wear-resistant long-distance high-speed tread, excellent mixed road tread formula, etc. In addition, during the cooperation period, Xingyuan Group processed a variety of tire products for Yokohama as an OEM, including OTR, TBR and PCR. 

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