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A 500 Million Yuan Project of Chengnan Rubber and Plastic Started

Time:2019-07-15     Author:Gianroitire【Reserved】

On February 26, the rubber and plastic products production project of Beijing Chengnan Rubber and Plastic Technology Research Institute with a total investment of RMB 516.80 Million Yuan started construction in Caofeidian New Industrial Park.

Covering an area of 100 mu, this project is successfully bid by Chengnan Rubber & Plastic through the use right bidding, auction and listing procedures for the state-owned land, with RMB 13 Million Yuan successfully. Caofeidian base will mainly build mixing workshop, vulcanization workshop, rubber roller workshop, rubber hose workshop and other infrastructure, with a total construction area of 68,000 square meters. This project is expected to be put into production in January 2020, and it will produce 300,000 pieces of rubber sealing products, 100,000 pieces of rubber damping products, 10,000 pieces of rubber rollers and 50,000 pieces of rubber hoses annually. 

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