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A903 PLUS pattern is released for Malaysia market

Time:2020-03-06     Author:Gianroitire【Reserved】

The new tyre pattern of Gianroi A903 PLUS will come into the market in March. New pattern will perfect the product system of Gianroi tires for the local market.


In order to provide customers of the best performance tires for the local market, Gianroi tire always listens to the customer's using feedback and constantly upgrades the tire formula and structure. For Malaysia market, Gianroi tire launched a new pattern A903 for rock stone road in 2019. This pattern becomes a star prodcut in the local market and many competitors imitate the patterns A903. But Gianroi tire A903 pattern has the best perofmrance among the all different brands.

Early 2020, Gianroi tire updates its bead and structure for big stone road. The new pattern is named A903 Plus with better cut resistance and overloading capacity. It is expected to improve 20% service life than A903 on big stone road. It also can help customers save more cost. If you want to test A903 Plus, please contact the local salesman of Gianroi tire.

Designed exclusively for stone road on plantation, the A903+ super single tyre is an traction position radial tyre suitable for trucks that offers ‘excellent’ cut resistance and reduces fatigue. Thanks to its unique rubber compound formulation, features include a new design bead, unique rubber compound, low heat and high in mileage.

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