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Online Launch of ARLANXEO Handbook of Synthetic Rubber

Time:2021-01-25     Author:Gianroitire【Reserved】

On February 18, ARLANXEO proudly presented the first “ARLANXEO Handbook of synthetic rubber”.

The ARLANXEO Handbook of synthetic rubber is an integrated, complete and stand-alone reference in the rubber industry. It consists of more than 400 pages, 17 chapters and offers a sound understanding of rubber chemistry and technology to seasoned professionals, academia, curious readers, and specialists at companies across the polymers supply and value chain. It highlights ARLANXEO’s scientific knowledge, presents ARLANXEO’s product lines and the typical applications, and concludes with a realistic outlook on future challenges and opportunities in the synthetic rubber industry.

During a live online panel deployed in 3 different time zones, Herman Dikland, Chief Technology Officer, Prof. Martin van Duin, Chief Scientist & Chief Editor, and Niels van der Aar, Corporate Development at ARLANXEO, offered a thorough outline of this fascinating compendium: the successful outcome of a 12-months cooperation of more than 50 authors, editors and other contributors.

According to Donald Chen, ARLANXEO CEO: “For us, the publication of the ARLANXEO handbook of synthetic rubber is a company milestone: It marks an outstanding achievement, made possible by the individual commitments of, and excellent teamwork amongst, rubber chemistry and technology specialists, who all had access to the collective knowledge gathered by our (former) colleagues during the past 100 years. At the same time, offering this book to our customers and industry partners is an expression of our gratitude for their loyalty and trust. And, of course, it is our corporate promise to innovate, by continuously researching, developing, testing, manufacturing and delivering state of the art solutions and applications.”

“The ARLANXEO Handbook of synthetic rubber is an incomparable manual, a stand-alone, integrated and complete publication”, notes Herman Dikland, and he adds: “ARLANXEO is a dynamic, global company, intrigued by, and responsive to, various challenges and opportunities for the rubber industry. A company that has designed and commercialized an extensive portfolio of customer-centric products. We act today and plan for tomorrow: For a future in which we see various megatrends in particular with regard to new mobility and sustainability, as the drivers for our innovation activities. We like to talk about all of this and now it is even laid down in this comprehensive ARLANXEO rubber book”.

Professor Martin van Duin, Chief Scientist at ARLANXEO added that: “the scope of our Rubber book is to make a genuine effort to comprehensively explain rubber chemistry and technology in terms of structure/properties relationships, while further studying and demystifying them. We want to educate and inspire the readers and thereby contribute to an innovative and sustainable future for the rubber industry”.

“ARLANXEO is a versatile company, that has contributed significantly to the establishment of synthetic rubber technology as a key player, even a pioneer in chemical science”, says Christian Widdershoven, Chief Commercial Officer at ARLANXEO. “Our synthetic rubber materials are present in a multitude of products, that improve the quality of people’s lives. The ARLANXEO handbook of synthetic rubber is the tangible proof of ARLANXEO’s legacy and its strong position in the elastomers industry. Moreover, it is a tribute to ARLANXEO valued customers, partners and great employees. The digital presentation of this handbook aims at sharing the vast possibilities that our products and knowledge can offer in the synthetic rubber world”.



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